Advice consultations

Advice consultations last up to an hour. I will read reports from professionals including information from nursery or school (if appropriate) ahead of the consultation and offer advice regarding support that your child may require from various agencies, and an explanation of the appropriate diagnostic assessment pathway if required. This is summed up at the end of the consultation and in a summary report.

Development Assessment Griffiths III

(for children up to 6 years old) with consultation - 90 mins

  • Foundations of learning - assesses critical aspects of learning during the early childhood years.
  • Language and communication - measures overall language development, including expressive language, receptive language, and (to a lesser extent) use of language to communicate socially with others.
  • Eye and hand coordination - considers fine motor skills, manual dexterity and visual perception skills.
  • Personal-social-emotional - measures constructs relating to the child's developing sense of self and growing independence, interactions with others, plus many aspects of emotional development.
  • Gross motor - assesses postural control, balance and gross body coordination, among other abilities.

I will read reports from professionals including information from nursery or school, where appropriate, ahead of the consultation. The assessment itself comprises time for your child to settle and play in the room while I take a detailed developmental history and then conduct a Griffiths Developmental Assessment (which is a standardised Diagnostic Developmental Assessment for children between the age 0 - 8 years). This is a play based assessment using specific equipment covering all areas of development (locomotor,personal, language, eye hand co-ordination, performance and practical reasoning). The assessment is scored and a qualitative report is produced. I then provide a report which summaries the assessment and provides recommendations.

Assessment for ADHD

Following the initial consultation / assessment, if I feel that further assessment for ADHD is required then I will issue Connors Questionnaires for both parents and school to complete and arrange a feedback consultation.*


Assessments for Autism / Autistic Spectrum Disorder

Following an initial consultation and possibly a developmental assessment I may suggest a formal assessment for Autism. Please note that this assessment cannot take place without sufficient information and observation from other sources / settings. This would be clearly outlined in the initial consultation.

I can offer either:-

A Diagnostic Interview for Social and Communication disorders (DISCO – published by the National Autistic Society – Lorna Wing, 1999) is used to profile a child’s development and behaviour. The DISCO is a semi-structured interview designed to collect and code, in a systematic fashion, information concerning the child’s development from birth onwards.  It is a recognised tool used for the different diagnosis of social and communication disorders.  It has to be used with other sources of information, including observation in structured and unstructured situations, psychological examination, medical investigations and education and social services record (as applicable).

The interview (with parents) takes at least 3 hours and cannot take place without preparation (reading of additional reports and assessment of the child at a different time). The interview and assessment are carried out by myself.


An Autism Diagnostic Observation Schedule (ADOS), which is a play based assessment conducted with the child, myself and a specialist speech therapist. It is a semi-structured assessment of communication, social interaction, and play (or imaginative use of materials) for individuals suspected of having autism. The assessment takes approximately one hour and forms part of the assessment for the child. The findings are assimilated with the previous assessment and reports and the result is then fed back to the parents. A detailed report is provided afterwards with recommendations regarding support that may be required.

I encourage parents to share reports with professionals and this would be at their discretion.

*Please note that I do not prescribe medication for ADHD on a private basis and I do not see children who have acute health needs.