Associated Conditions


Children present in many ways and they rarely fit into 'simple' diagnostic pathways.

In this section I list a number of associated conditions that I see within my practice, that I can either provide some direct support or signpost for support and assessment.


Consultation /Assessment

If you would like to discuss, or book a consultation or assessment with me, please complete the contact form with your details and a brief summary of your concerns, or request that the referrer contacts me directly.

I begin with an initial consultation to provide advice and guidance and clarify what assessment(s) may be required.

I do not require a referral from a GP, however many health insurance providers often require a professional recommendation to approve funding.

Learning Difficulties

Many children have difficulties at some point in their school career, whether it be a health related, behavioural or academic issue, with their behaviour and functioning at home and at school can differ greatly. With my advice and assessment consultations, I support parents in finding the root cause of their child's difficulties and providing a further support plan which parents and teachers can follow in order to offer the right educational provision for their child. and help with their social and emotional well-being.

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*Please note that I do not prescribe medication for ADHD on a private basis and I do not see children who have acute health needs.