Learning Difficulties


What are Learning Difficulties?

Many children have difficulties at some point in their school career, whether it be a health related, behavioural or academic issue. These difficulties affect a child's ability to access the curriculum, their academic performance and potential and their emotional well-being. Often it is difficult to clearly identify the cause and parents are advised to seek professional help, regularly being directed to their GP.

How I can help?

I see many children within my practice where such concerns have been raised and it is common that behaviour at home can be very different. Sometimes the behaviour is only a concern at home there is no perceived issue in school.

I support parents in finding the root cause of their child's difficulties, wherever they may be occurring, within my advice and assessment consultations. Importantly, I then provide a support plan which parents can follow and use as a guide to engage the right professionals.

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*Please note that I do not prescribe medication on a private basis and I do not see children who have acute health needs.